Welcome to our B2B - Homepage. We hope You will enjoy browsing through our project descriptions. You can see our pieces of jewelry in all the colors of Swarovski.

This site is not finished yet! - maybe it never will be, because we create new items permanently. If You miss any item, please don´t hesitate to contact us by email.

Our offer is exclusively for retailers. If You like our collection, pease fill out our non-commital registration form. We will activate Your accesss very soon. Then You can see the prices and place an order if you like. If You want to buy our jewelry for private use, please visit our B2C - Homepage:


Why are we cheaper than other suppliers?

We are producers! Every item offered in this B2B-shop ist made in our manufactory in Hamburg. If You want to take a short look in our factory, please visit us on YouTube: "handmade in Hamburg"

or yust follow this link    http://film.petrakupfer.de






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